A Secret To Get Us Off Our Rears And Producing Content

Ever have a need for inspiration on what you can post to your coaching group?
I think we all at times feel inadequate to post content that will help our students.

In a 24/7 social media world, there is a constant need to produce content, because people are on their phones non-stop, looking for something new. If we are not producing the new material, we risk losing attention. As Gary Vaynerchuk says, “The currency of business is attention”

I tend to produce a lot of content (yeah, I know you may debating unsubsubscribing from my list even now:). I do it for a few reasons though.

1. We must practice what we preach and create content as much as possible
2. Creating content moves us away from being mostly consumers

Understand that point #2 is key for all of us to remember. We must be the ones creating content, because your market looking for it. It does not matter if you coach fitness, confidence, entrepreneurship, divorce recovery, or how to cook like an Iron Chef. Your market will be attracted to the ones who produce the best content.

So how can you get inspiration when you may not feel like it? Go check out what is trending online at places like Buzzfeed or Reddit.
It does not matter if it is in your market focus, because you can adapt it. This morning, after I got my son off to school, I knew I had to start the day being creative. This sets the tone for the rest of my day.

However, I simply did not know what to produce.
So, what did I do? I went to Reddit, where I found a trending picture from a college professor’s white board message, simply titled, “College Advice”

There are a lot of comments about the advice and if I allowed myself, I could just read and offer my opinion on it. Instead, I used it to create my own piece of white board advice for coaches. See my image.

So, if you are stuck, don’t give up and don’t sit back. Find out what is trending and let it inspire you to create, not consume passively.

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