Before You Hire Your Next Sales Page Copywriter

sales page copywriterAre you in need of sales page copywriter?

A good copywriter needs to know more than how to write a sales page. Let’s look at what factors you should consider before you hire someone to do your copy.

Before You Hire your Next Sales Page Copywriter

On June 29, 2007, Apple’s Steve jobs, announced the launch of the first iPhone. It would be the beginning of the end for traditional media companies hold on the attention of consumers. The ability for a person to have access to media from all over the world was placed in hands of millions. For those who understood the revolution it meant billions. Brands like Netflix, Facebook, and Uber were all built around connecting with people online using just a phone. These companies took over for video stores, newspapers, and taxi cabs.

Sales copy for websites is no longer a secondary need. Online is where everyone’s attention is at. If you do not know how to write a sales page for your website, you may need to hire a specialist. Someone who knows how to connect with people in the few seconds you have their attention before they are off to another round of Fortnite or watching a YouTube cat video.

If you don’t know how to write a sales page and need to hire it out, have no worries. There are three things you should consider when you are hiring a sales page copywriter.

The Best Copywriters Know Your Market Well

First, is if they can understand your market. It does you no good to hire a copywriter who does sales copy for websites that do not relate to your type of market. If you are selling to single moms you should only hire those who have experience with that audience or has proven to learn. Because a copywriter has a great samples of copywriting for other markets does not usually carry over to others. The best copywriters specialize in one field. That allows them to know what a market really is looking to get from any product or service.

If you do chose to hire a copywriter who is new to your market, the most effective skill she can have is being able to research effectively. If there is not a way to be sure that a copywriter can learn the deepest fears and needs of your prospects, you will have little chance of making any message stick. Because people learn about the group they focus on most.

Sales Copywriter Job Description

Secondly, when you write a job description, always ask for some of their copywriting examples. You will want to know the tone and get a feel for the style of your copywriter. I have been hired as a copywriter from some people and it was not a good fit. My style tends to be more open ended. Meaning, I try to become part of the client’s ongoing conversation. Others prefer to write as an authority with rules to follow.  I do not try to impress people with myself, but try to find what a market wants and then give it to them. This is a lot of what I am doing even in this article. I saw there were people searching for more information on sales page copywriters.

The best thing you can do is to have a writer submit a short piece of work based on a topic you give to test their skills. In your job description, let applicants know you will want a short 300 word sample based on a topic you will give to them. What makes this great for finding your next winning copywriter, is that you can ask more two, three, or even four applicants to do the same sample. You will get to pick from the best of the results.

Because this makes your hiring process more competitive, you are going to get top performers only.

When To Use A Web Copywriting Services Agency

If you are not sure of where to start you could just hire an agency that does copywriting for websites and sales pages. It will reduce your risks, but it will increase your costs. An agency does all the hard work of finding various copywriters and can help match your website up with the best available from its pool.

If you have hired a copywriter in the past and felt it was not a good fit, you should consider spending the extra and get in touch with a writing agency. There are thousands of writers and it can be hard to keep searching for just the right one. You can even ask the agency to have a couple writers do the short copy ad samples from the previous section I wrote about.

Besides the cost, the other downside of working through an agency is that you never develop a relationship with a certain copywriter. Most of the successful copywriters I know have long term clients. Those clients often put the best copywriters they find on retainer. That way they can get work from them whenever they need great copy done.

However, if you are stuck and need your job done, working with an agency might be your best place to start.

There are also good resources if you chose to write your own. Medium has a good guide on writing sales page copy yourself.


Know Your Unique Solution

When you are hiring a copywriter, tell him what you unique solution you bring to your market’s problems. Without a unique solution, there is no amount of copy skill that anyone can do for you that will make your message break through. A copywriter can get you attention, but people buy for your solution. Your copywriter will need that solution in order to make an effective offer that will get you results.

Think of some of the great sales copy that have a unique solution.

TOMS Shoes: Toms became multi-million dollar brand with their practice of giving away a pair of shoes for every pair sold. This unique solution separated them from the pack of shoe manufacturers instantly.

P90X: Tony Horton brought a revolution to the home exercise market with his DVD program. It was based on 90 minute exercises that caused ‘muscle confusion’. Muscle confusion was the unique solution that launched this brand.

Dave Ramsey: His Debt Snowball system was about paying off the smallest debts first and then using the previous monthly payment to add to your next smallest debt. It was easy to understand and Dave Ramsey in now one of the most trusted financial planners in the world.

All of those examples have large markets, that are known for fierce competition. Shoes, exercise, and personal finance are all huge markets. Without a good unique solution none of those would have become so famous. You need to have your unique solution’s to give to your copywriter or if you plan on writing your own sales page.

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