The New Just Left

Another once viral app recently announced its closing. Then another changed its name, to try to keep fresh and promise it wasn’t the same old app, from like 6 months ago. The pace of change is not inevitable, it is moving from our futures to our presents.

The book, Built To Last, was a huge best seller. It’s premise was that there were a few companies to study that were around for a decades longer than their competition, because of their innovative structure. Some of those companies touted in the book were, Motorola, Marriott, Sony, & Walmart. Need I say more?

If your company, or your startup is going to last, it must change. So YOU must change. Everyday, you must come with an eye to aggressively pursue your market through the latest innovations. You cannot depend on just one anymore. TV ads are dying, Facebook changes it policies for ads and organic reach daily, Amazon can dump a product at will with no notice. The only thing you should be doing and worrying about is using the latest innovations to create your own list of customers, of your fans. The change I am asking you embrace is one of responsibility for your own success. Not a new app, not a new platform, not a new ad campaign.

Get out there on whatever is popular right now, let your audience know you exist. Treat them well. Then do the same thing tomorrow and the next day, and the next day. When the platform changes, you go to that one, with the same plan. Use it to find your best customers. Because soon, most likely in months, that will go away too. But you, if you embrace this, will never be the one closing down. Your competitors will, but not you. That is the new vision. Did I say ‘new’? I meant that is the now. Which is the same thing.

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