The Reason Success Is Abundant

Why do people struggle and feel they are so unlucky in life? You have heard it said from these type of people, when they see someone else in a $100,000 car, or a month long cruise. They say, “Must be nice for them!”. It is nice, of course, but it is also there for them to enjoy as well.


You see, these complainers think that there is only so much success in life and that others are taking it all away from them. But that is not the case. Success is not in limited supply and just found (or stolen like some may think). Success is up to our own creation. That means, you can create as much as you want through your entire life.

That very fact, should inspire us all to not seek success as outside of us, but to look at ourselves as creators of that which we desire. Our words, our efforts, our actions, our thoughts, our goals, all create what so many others only see as reserved for others. WE are the others. Not because we are lucky to stumble into success. No we know that it is within us to create it. And once we know that, success can be as abundant as we desire, through ourselves. Go create your success today and everyday!

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