Top Secret Landing Page Funnel Hacks

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Landing Page Funnel Hacks

Many people seem to believe that all you need is a nice funnel template and people will fall all over themselves to give you their contact information. This belief has created a multi-million dollar industry for companies who only specialize in selling done for you funnel designs.

I have literally clicked on three ads on Facebook only to be taken to the same landing pages that are the same template with cut and paste information for each advertiser changed out.

Some companies, like Clickfunnels, charge thousands of dollars per year to give access to the same funnel templates used by thousands of other marketers. Udemy has courses that teach how to use free tools to build funnels. There are templates and guides everywhere these days.

In order to stand out from the ‘me too’ masses, you are going to have to zig when everyone else is zagging. If you get this right, you will have a blue ocean of prospects all to your own. People who are not comparing your offers against dozens of others.

Because if you just play it safe and use the same funnel pages as everyone else, you are doomed to be quickly forgotten. Thus another generic when people are looking for authentic brands that speak to them.

How to create a sales funnel that is causing people to stay on your website and engage is the key to being found on Google. You can do this by designing funnels that are about promoting your prospects’ interests over you trying to look and sound impressive.

Start With Your Prospect’s Desires, Not Your Credentials

Just about every landing page you see, is trying to convince people that the creator of a product or service is qualified. You see ad copy constantly saying how they have students making $20,000 an hour or how they created a system that sheds 23 pounds in 7 days.

This is typical marketing talk. Resulting in a typical landing page experience below average. This turns people off, causing them to bounce off websites never to return. The fastest way I find to improve my landing page, is to make it all about the reader, instead of about me.

The longer people stay on your site, it shows Google you have strong page relevance. Because of that you get better rankings with a better landing page quality score. We also are learning about Facebook reducing links to low quality web page experiences. Because both of these sites use time as a key test, you need to make sure your offers keep people engaged.

People are searching for solutions that speak to their desires, not our credentials. What pain are people going through that you can relate with? If loneliness, talk about how embarrassing it is to not want to go to a wedding because people are always trying to set them up. If you help people overcome debt, talk about the cringe of pulling out a credit card at the grocery store, hoping it will not be rejected.

This is how you get people’s attention in any market. Make your landing page all about them. You don’t have to create an elaborate sales funnel, you need to be relateable.

No More Future Results

People who are in need don’t really want to read your great report. They don’t want to opt-in to get more email. They don’t want to join your 30 day challenge. They want results, right now.

Let them know that you have an offer that will give them results immediately. That way, if you are offering a free report, put in wording to let people know they will get results as soon as they get access. Too many sales funnels are trying to give morsels of info to try to keep people engaged. Markets are sick of these tactics and want the benefits faster. Let people know you are providing those immediate results. “Get rid of acne scars, RIGHT NOW, when you download this free guide,” outperforms, “Download your free report to better looking skin in 14 days”.

Don’t lie of course. But you will need to find something that gives your market quick wins. You will earn a lot more trust and a lot more business, when you give results over more information.

Give Them Reason To Believe

We have all read the similar claims:

Get six pack abs without dieting or exercise

Win the girl of your dreams with these three text messages

Grow your hair back with just one drop of our super ABC monkey hair growth oil

These are all claims we see on a typical web funnel, we often ignore as more lies.

Every landing page is making more outrageous claims. As more people ignore the claims, the bigger the claims become to try to connect. You should not focus on making bigger claims. You should focus on giving the reason why your claims work and are true.

If we take one of the example claims, say ‘win the girl of your dreams with these three text messages’. A big claim right? So why should someone believe you?

You must give a person reason to believe your claim. Especially, when people on average are seeing over 5,000 ads per day.

“These text messages were tested on a group of 1000 single women looking for a relationship. After testing for over a year, we found that these three texts got a woman to respond she wanted to go out on a date, 150% more than a message on dating apps.”

It does not even have to be that elaborate:

“The same texts used by 5 of the top 7 pickup artists according to USA Today”

You just need to give some outside evidence of every claim you make on a landing page. Without that, people’s impulse is to reject claims, because of being disappointed in the past. Use proof elements to get past doubts.

Therefore, you can use any or all three of these techniques to move your landing page funnel from bland to a valued brand.

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