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Twists Are The New New


I just walked up to the Starbucks about eight blocks from my house.

I typically work out of my home office, but it is Summer here in Minneapolis and that means my son is home…

He is not always worried about what Dad has to get done, before he starts banging cars built of Legos together.

Even though it is early in the afternoon, I decided to take my second trip of the day to Starbucks.

They got me in the morning for a black coffee before my workout.

Now I am back again for what is called a ‘cold foam cold brew’

I had my first one of these last month. This is about my tenth since then…

It was the intrigue of ‘cold foam’ that really got me interested in trying this at first.

I have had cold brew coffee before, but never with any foam on top.

That is the beauty of Starbucks’ understanding of the market. Drinks that take the typical and add a twist.

You don’t have to develop a whole new drink, widget, or coaching program to get people interested.

You can take what is already known and add your own little twist to be seen as the innovator.


For all I know, dozens of other coffee shops have had cold foam before. But to me, Starbucks is the place I now think of in the afternoon, when I want a cold coffee drink.


Dr. Atkin’s did it with his diet plan twist of high fat.

Tony Horton did it with his home exercise program of P90X with ‘muscle confusion’.


When you go to your market, even if you are not the first, give people a reason that yours is just different enough. Make it new, make it exciting, and make it your own.


If you need help presenting your offers as new and unique, hit me up. I am sitting here, typing this, as proof the concept works on all of us…

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