Why People Really Want From A Guide

In the 10 year period from 2004-2014, a Sherpa guide for climbing Mount Everest was about 13X more likely to die than an American soldier during the height of the Iraq war.


The average income of a Sherpa during the climbing season is around $3,000. That does not sound like much for the risk, but compared to the median income of other Nepali’s at $48/month, you can see why being a Sherpa guide is still pursued by many there despite the risks.


There are few climbers who ever attempt to scale Mount Everest that do not employ a professional Sherpa. The thought of doing so without someone who knows the weather patterns, best routes, dangers, and locations to rest, would be asking for disaster.


However, what are climbers really buying when they hire a Sherpa?

Is it just a guide?


I don’t think a guide is the real reason they pay for Sherpas.


Let me explain…


I speak often, in my blog, book, Facebook group, and other places that the key to effective copy for coaches is to play the role of the guide, not the hero.


While still true, I want to let you know what people are really paying for when they hire a Sherpa at Everest or a coach to overcome depression, is this…


People are buying CONFIDENCE.


Your role is to instill the belief that, with your help, a person can achieve more than going it alone. Many people do not turn to a coach, until they realize that the mountain before them is too large to take on themselves.


You must be able to communicate the dangers that happen to those who have tried by themselves. Then you present yourself as the guide who can get them to where they want to go.


If you are coaching a person through depressions, you would need to tell the mistakes of others who try it alone.


It could be addiction to medications, acting like they are fine, when they are really thinking of suicide, losing a marriage or a good job. Those are the mountains faced by that audience.


They need a guide.

They need confidence.

They need you.


Can you identify the mountains your market faces that are too much for many to do alone?

Can you describe how you can guide them to finally conquer this mountain in front of them?

Can you then confidently present yourself enough, so they believe you are the guide for them?


The people who have already decided they need a guide, want just that one more thing from you…



Make every one of your emails or sales pages shout that people can be confident in their decision to work with you.

It can be testimonials, case studies, a guarantee, your autobiography, or experiences.


Always remember they want confidence, but unless you are confident enough in yourself, that can never happen.


Go out there and help others conquer those mountains!


If you would like some help crafting your message of confidence, let me know. I would love to work with you. I just don’t go to Nepal to do so!

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