Why They Need You To Be Great

There is a need out there today. A real need. Not the desire of distractions of another 20 second video, the rush to the next big thing, or the other numerous distractions vying for attention of millions waiting on their phones for something to make them feel a little less lonely, a little less bored, a little less meaningless. So they need someone. Someone who risks while they wait, someone who produces, while they consume, someone that steps out, while they sit and watch.

No, I am not trying to belittle any of those waiting on the sidelines. No, the contrary, they are there waiting for someone to help put them in the game. They need to have something, no someone, to come along to help shake them to dare take them to new heights.

They need you. That’s right, you. You the one who feels shy, timid. You who feels scared of rejection. You who feels the gnawing sense of self doubt. But the you who, despite all of that, puts out content that transforms. It may be a product to buy, a video, a post, a tweet. It may be a dm or skype chat. It does not take great experiences to to be great in this new world, it takes just someone who steps on the other side of the line, from consumer to producer, to be seen as great. Once others see you do it, they can see themselves doing it as well. They need you to be great in your boldness. We need you to be great in your giving. I need you to be great to encourage me to do more. YOU need you to be great to fulfill that empty place that nothing else has filled for you yet.

Here is to you, you are going to be great, not because you are more talented or gifted, but just because you dare to produce. Go get em…

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