A Hard Habit To Break For Us Now

In Minneapolis today, we woke up to a snow day.
In April

A snow day means no school. Which allows my wife, a teacher, and my son, a fifth grader, to stay home all day.

We are planning a whole day of popcorn, games, and movies.

Just like last April…

Today, is April 11th and last year the same snow day came on April 13th.

This is becoming a pattern for us.

How to use patterns is the main topic for my next issue of The Art of Story Marketing Newsletter.

I will be going directly against the most popular pattern tactics being taught by other ‘experts’ for online marketing.

I will show:

Using the pattern most recommend gets you ignored
When it’s the right time to use a ‘pattern interrupt’
A 7-figure pattern case study (this one is my own)
When, and only when, you need to switch up patterns
How our brains are wired to believe and discard data based on patterns

You will be able to use this info to outperform not just your competition, but redo paid advertising to increase conversions the same day.

So, if you are not yet signed up to receive the AOSM newsletter, click to subscribe to get the next issue.

Now, if you excuse me, it is time for my family to binge watch the new Netflix series, ‘Our Planet’.

If you are not having a snow day, I guess that is okay too:)

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