About Me

Sterling Sherrell
Sterling Sherrell Coach

My name is Sterling Sherrell.

What I Do:

I help coaches, consultants, and trainers use their copywriting to develop stronger relationships with their current and prospective clients.

How I Do It:

Through my free blog, videos, and email newsletter, I remove the confusion of how to grow influence for coaches wanting to grow their presence in their markets.

Why It Works:

As a coach, you need to cultivate a special relationship with your audience. This goes beyond being a celebrity or guru. You need to become a trusted advisor to your market. Effective copywriting moves you from another voice to the one choice to those who are in need of your help.

How I Am Different:

I work specifically with coaches on their funnel copy. I focus on helping you move from another voice in the crowd to that of a trusted advisor. While others are trying to get noticed only on social media, I make sure my clients all have their own platforms. If a social media platform changes their rules, you can lose all access and influence to your audience. By focusing on your own site’s copy, I make sure you not only have the right message, but the right relationship with your audience. No hype. No gimmicks.