Don’t Go After Name Brands on Amazon

I was reminded of something from my childhood when I was at Costco today.
The reason I want to share it with you is because it is actually very vital for those who are considering launching private label products on FBA.

You will see how in a minute.

Let me first tell you about the time my grandma came home with some interesting groceries.
I shouldn’t complain, because we often had government subsidized food.
However, there was a new warehouse store that specialized in generic knock-offs of popular name brand food.

Because it was so much cheaper, we got items like, “Yellios”; “Top Stove Stuffing”; & “Pop-M-Tarts”

I was excited to see the huge bounty of groceries, until…

Opening up and eating these generics, I understood, for the first time, that you get what you pay for.

Cheaper products with similar names, did not mean the same taste. The cheaper ingredients, left very peculiar after tastes in my mouth.

Just because something looks the same doe snot mean it tastes the same, I learned.

One of the biggest mistakes I see new e-commerce entrepreneurs do, is try to be a similar option to a big brand name.
The problem is that on Amazon, when someone types in a search for Beats Studio Earphones, they are not going to buy a generic equivalent.

You will not be able to sell your “Streatz Studio Earphones” to these people.

At least not enough to make it into a real business.

The right way to launch a private label product on Amazon, is to find a market that is not brand loyal. From there you can start to create value to this market.

If you find that there are people who complain in reviews that they wanted their product to be waterproof, then you can make your widget waterproof.

You are trying to find edges to a market need when you are doing private label.
That is the key.

If you know the story of how I bought fake Rainbow Looms (a popular toy in 2014), you may recall how I ended up selling them off (without getting slapped by the law or Amazon).

I took the toys out of the fake packages, put two of them in my own (green plastic wrap), and marketed them as looms for friends.

I saw that there were multiples of the Rainbow Looms being bought, so I created a solution.

It was not a long term product, but I got my money back plus some profits. This is how I came up with looking for market needs I could fulfill.

That is the key to launching winning products on Amazon. Give people what they are not getting from anyone else.
It takes a different approach than just finding a product that is already selling well, copying it, and trying to trick Amazon into giving you better rankings (giveaways, fake reviews, etc).

Those products are not worth even pursuing.

If you are going to make it on Amazon, be the one who gives people the same as everyone else. Give them something more important.

Give them what they really want.

That never leaves a bad taste in anyone’s mouth.

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