ecommerce results in dinner dates

E-commerce Results In Date Nights

Last night, on date night with my wife, we experienced something we never had before.

She teaches kindergarten, so her weeks are pretty full of dealing with things most of us never do.

Things like, dealing with name calling, lice, very concerned parent meetings (ugh), and making sure her kids don’t get on the wrong bus, are all common.

So I make sure, ever Saturday night, I take her out fro a nice meal, play, movie, or concert in some combination.

Last night was something special for dinner. 
Our own personal cheese monger, made fresh mozzarella ball at our table.

Our own personal cheese monger.

He presented the fresh dry cheese curd (brought in daily apparently), put it in a bowl, and poured in saltwater at 205 degrees.

Then he began working the concoction with his hands, until he was able to stretch it, make it into a ball, which he cut into 8 pieces.

It was then topped with olive oil, balsamic, and sea salt. Here is what it looked like when done:

ecommerce results in dinner dates
The Mozzarella a Mano

It was another memorable date night. I love going out with my wife. She truly is my best friend and I feel great showing her how much I appreciate her.

What is also great is that I have products selling everyday that let me pay for these types of adventures weekly.

I am able to do a little bit of work on research, sourcing, and arranging them shipped to Amazon, so they can sell while we enjoy our time together.

She continues to teach, because she loves the kids (not so much the lice or union meetings).

I encourage anyone with a family to start selling on Amazon through the FBA program.

You don’t have to start with a ton of resources to do so, which is great.

What is even better, is that if you do it right, the way I teach, you can even mess up and still make profits from it. There is already enough stress in life, you don’t need to stress out and pay for a lot of inventory, courses, ads, research tools, designers, etc.

Maybe just a date night a week would be great to have paid for by your own FBA business. Maybe you want to grow and retire from the income.

All I know is that you need to start as soon as you can.

If you are wanting to learn how I do it, then please grab your copy of my mini-course

I have laid out how I started and still do FBA. I look forward to hearing how your FBA business is changing the quality of life for you and your loved ones.

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