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Foolproof Sales Copy Template

If you are not naturally a copywriter, but need a quick and easy sales page copy template, then this is for you. I have adapted some copy training I saw from a great copywriter, named Colin Theriot. Colin has a bit different style than me. I actually use a slightly different setup, but I think his is more user friendly for beginners.

You can use this for more than sales pages too. You can use it for blog posts, Facebook ads, podcast descriptions, and even as an email copy template

I breakdown the sections in the blog post and demonstrate how to use it in this video

High V Sales Template In Action

I. Verify their fears

This is where you need to know what keeps your market awake at night. Are they afraid of being single for life? Being afraid of speaking in public? Not having enough money for retirement?

Start by speaking out that fear. That way they will feel an instant connection to your message.

II. Validate the reasons to fear

They undoubtedly have been trying to calm their fears about their situation. Don’t let them. If they do not realize there is good reason for their fear, there is no need for your solution. You can cite statistics, news stories, personal examples. Reinforce that the fear is not in their own mind.

III. Value your solution brings

Now you introduce the unique way your solution solves their problem. How you came up with it, why it works are important. But why it is not just better, but new. People want new over better.

IV. Vision of their future with your solution

What will life look like after getting your solution? Describe it in detail. Give testimonials from others. Show they can get the benefits fast without the pain that other offers have told them.

V. Visit your offer page

This could be a link to your sales funnel, blog, optin, or other place you want to send traffic. The main thing is to always end with an opportunity for those who found your copy compelling to get more from you. It can be paid or free, just get people use to clicking to the pages you control.

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