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People She Trusted Failed Her

I was having lunch with a friend of mine last week. He is a car salesman at a local dealership.

As we were catching up and telling stories of what is going on in our lives, he brought up the topic of a girl he works with.

Recently, his dealership had hired a young lady (she is about 30, but to me that is now young)…

She had no background in cars or even sales, but was hired for her ambitious personality.

She started off slow and was having some problems selling enough cars to pay her bills the first two months.

Also, he noticed she was becoming pretty depressed.

In an effort to help her out the managers started giving her some of the easier leads to close that were coming in to buy cars.

It worked, or so it seemed…

She had a big sales month, enough to get her back rent paid and have some extra.

Yet, she quit the very next week after her big commission check.


Those swings in moods were signs of a chemical imbalance in her system.

To make it worse, when it became clear she was quitting, the managers became angry that they gave her all these leads.

You see the managers thought the answer to her problems was more money. Because that was the answer to their problems.

This young lady ended up leaving and moving back home to the farm with family. Money was not what she needed to help her. She needed to go see a doctor. Someone to help her balance the chemicals in her system.

As someone who has close family members with mental health issues, I can attest that the worst thing we can do is offer solutions that fit our lives, instead of others.

What do the people we are trying to serve need? Surprisingly, it may be much different than what we think going in.

One of the reasons I do not have a set one size fits all copy program, is because I feel I must first diagnose the needs of a client. Then, and only then, I can offer what fits her needs.

If you have been trying to get copy work done for you and it just hasn’t seemed to fix your needs, please go to my work with me page. I explain, in detail, who I work with and what I can and cannot do.

I also encourage any of you to have some type of process where you listen to an individual personally before you offer your solution(s). Even if you cannot help at this time, people often appreciate you taking the time to just listen.

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