The Smell of Smoke Changed Everything

My wife and I have a standing date night every Saturday. No matter what else is going on, if we are both in town we are likely to be found in one of the Twin Cities many great restaurants.

I also have the same cocktail every time, which is why I wanted to tell you this story…

This past date night, we booked four weeks ahead for our reservations at a trendy new bbq place in St Paul, The Handsome Hog.

My drink of choice when we go out?
A sazerac.

The blend of rye, absinthe, bitters, sugar, and orange peel always seems to hit the spot for me.

However, at Handsome Hog, they do something no place ever has with a sazerac I have tasted.
They smoke their absinthe.

I kept pushing my nose to the glass inhaling the scent of rye, orange and now…smoke.
So the aromatic effect was like I was drinking a campfire.

I was flooded with memories of Summer campfires of years ago. Including a recent one with my family in Northern Minnesota last Summer.

But, then I realized a change had taken place foreve…

When I order my sezerac from anywhere else, it won’t be the same. There will be no smoke to smell and taste. That experience now belongs exclusively to Handsome Hog and me.
If I ever want that same experience this place is now my only choice.

Whether knowingly or not, they have created a unique market position.
The same we have the opportunity to do…

It does not matter if there are dozens or hundreds of our competitors serving the same basic recipe. Be it financial advice, fitness training, or fly fishing rods, we MUST have that one secret ingredient that we do differently.

People notice the difference.

Even with a small thing (think smoke) we can create a position in our markets that get people comparing our offers vs the standard everyone else is still doing.

How to create these small twists, will be featured in the upcoming issue of The Art of Story Marketing Newsletter.

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BTW, do you see how I put a twist on my newsletter that separates me from most everyone else?

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