When A Stop Sign Teaches You How To Go

 Living in Minneapolis has its share of obstacles. There are many mosquitoes, lots of rainy days in the Summers, and of course terrible cold. When you combine the cold with the first big snow fall of each inevitable winter, you get a scene only those of us in Minnesota get used to…cars in trouble.

Some cars spin out on the side of roads, some get rear ended, others may even be stuck at a stop sign. Being unable to get enough traction to move is very common here.

Honestly, if you have never seen such car issues, be thankful. There is nothing more frustrating than simply trying to go from a stop sign, but no matter what you do, you are stuck. Wheels spinning, smell of burnt rubber rising.

You have to hit your hazards, wave people around you, and get out and see if you can get some traction under your tires. You may need to push it to a better or flatter spot. You may need to place some cardboard under your tires. You may need to quickly reverse and throw your car into drive to ‘rock’ it out of a rut.

These are skills I never learned while growing up in California.

But the one thing that is NOT acceptable, if you ever find your car stuck in the road, is to simply sit there and keep pushing on the gas pedal more and more. You are not going anywhere, until you get some traction.

I may not have had the knowledge growing up on how to get unstuck from an icy and snow covered road, but I sure learned from experience, multiple methods to deal with it.

That is the key, experience.

I saw snow in movies, in magazines, and occasionally we drove up to the mountains when it was a novel idea. But there is a difference in visiting or seeing snow and learning to live your life in it.

Many people will read about other people’s lives of adventure or fame. Most all of those stories don’t start out there though. The truly successful people we admire and aspire to model, almost all have a story of travelling from pain or failure to success and freedom.

But it is not enough for you to sit where you are and get the skills you need from someone else’s experiences.

You will need to put yourself in situations to learn how to overcome obstacles on your own, if you want to achieve success.

If you are a coach, you will need to ask people to get on calls. During those calls, you may screw up and say the wrong thing. You may be too scared to ask for a payment to get started, because you do not want to be rejected. You may realize you are lacking a fundamental piece in your program that people are looking for. Or you may learn you charge to little for people to really care if they make your calls important enough for them to honor showing up for.

The only way you are ever going to know is through experience. It may not go well. I can tell you from experiencing Minnesota winters, it rarely goes perfect when driving.

But, you learn to adjust. You get the skills you need and go on with your life by going out there in the elements.

If you are trying to get skills without the experience, you have it backwards. Get up off your seat, go to your marketplace, and put yourself out there for hire.

You may skid, you may stall, you may even wreck. However, you are going to find that eventually, you learn when to go slower, when to turn slightly left to give yourself a better angle to turn right, when to stop before an inclined street, so you can have enough momentum to not spin your wheels.

Heck, I always wanted to write more email. I read about writing email, learned techniques for crafting, and how to setup an auto-reponder. But none of that got me to actually write email.

I had to start sitting down and banging them out. Day, after day, after day. I had to experience it!

What is it that you need to stop reading about or watching more trainings about and finally just start doing?

Just do that one thing. I promise you, you are going to succeed much faster than you ever believed.

As someone who learned to live where I was at, I can assure you, the skills will come and you will get better. But first you have to get in your vehicle, start the engine and drive. Now it is your turn.

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