Why Time Gets Faster As We Age

Today is my 49th birthday.

I typically try to reflect on the past year and how I did achieving my goals.

I am not going to bore you with that though (besides its personal). Besides, I have something to help you in your business.

I do want to give some thoughts on why time is suddenly speeding by faster in my life than ever before.

Do you remember when we were kids, how every class, every day, every summer, seemed like it lasted forever? Yet, for me, as I am closing in on 50, days feel like hours, weeks like days, and months like weeks.

I used to hear older people talk about this phenomenon. Time seems to kick into warp speed as we age. I am finding that to be true.

Yet, it is not time that changes, it is our perspective of time.

Think about it…

When you are 5 years-old, your time reference is based only on that experience you have. So a year is just one fifth of your life experience. But when you are 60, that same 365 days seems to be going faster, because of it is a sixtieth of your experience.

We judge time on how it relates to each of our lives.

When you are speaking to your market, that is the same thing going on with your audience. Their current problems seem huge to them.

I talk a lot about our responsibility to relate to other people’s problems. This time I want to to encourage you to always combine that with how your experience will give them new perspective.

If you have been through a divorce, cancer, depression, or being passed over for promotions because of your age, you can help people see through new eyes. To them these problems are huge, because they have not gone through them before. It seems to them that there will never be an escape.

That is where we come in, with our writing, coaching, or speaking. We bring to these desperate people the promise that there is a life, a better life, on the other side.

The next time you reach out to your market, please let them know that you understand their pain, but you also know how to lead them out. Simply because you have been there before and have made it. That is the best testimonial of all.

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