Work With Me Directly

I am a copywriter. But I am not like other copywriters. I focus on storytelling copy and guarantee you get results. Here is what you need to know before contacting me to do any copy projects:

1. I Only Do Large Projects For Specific Clients

I have been burned in the past by working with people I should not have trusted. Therefor, I now only do large projects, such as VSL’s, Webinars, Website Site Makeovers, or Speaking Scripts, for those I already have a retainer agreement with.

These projects require a lot of time on my part and are not cheap for my clients. I will only do these projects if I have had the chance to work with a client and their audience over a period of time.

This lets us both feel good about each other before committing to such an involved project. My clients get better results and I do not have to work with people I don’t like:)

2.  I Only Do Retainer Work For Those Who Have A List

My success is measured by bringing in more revenue than I cost. My main retainer copy work is done for email marketing to a list.  If you are just starting out and developing a list, I am happy to help you grow. However, it will only be on “Building Block” type of copy gigs.

3. I Will Help You Get Results Fast

If this is our first project together, I will not waste your time.

  • We get on the phone and talk
  • If I can help you I will offer, if not I will refer you to someone else
  • We will do a “Building Block” low cost project, with a guaranteed result. This could be anything from a 4-part email sequence; customized Facebook ad; LinkedIn portfolio overhaul; a new landing page lead capture; new converting headlines; or other project I am confident I can help you, get a measurable increase i.e more sales, conversions, opt-ins, etc.
  • You will be required to fill out an intake form so I get to know how to help position your story with your audience
  • If you like the results and I feel I can help you further, we can discuss other one time projects or retainer agreement

That is it

Oh, I also give a 75% discount on any first Building Block project. Typically these will cost you $299, but for the first time, I only charge $75. I never want money to stop us from seeing if we are a good fit.

If you want to setup a time to talk, email me at

Sterling Sherrell